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your premier destination for elevating the standards of the home salon industry.


Here, we’re not just a platform; we’re a movement dedicated to setting a new standard of excellence.

Unlike others, we exclusively champion home salons, firmly believing in recognising the expertise of qualified hairdressers, beauty therapists, aesthetics nurses, and lash technicians.

In a post-pandemic world where home salons have witnessed a remarkable 40% growth, clients crave assurance in the quality and standards of their chosen salon. That’s where we step in as your trusted guide.

Gone are the outdated perceptions and misconceptions surrounding home salons. Today’s home salons boast fully qualified and insured professionals, top-tier services, premium products, and dedicated workspaces. Clients not only relish the personalised, one-on-one service but also enjoy cost savings thanks to reduced overheads.

Join us in rewriting the narrative of home salons. Let’s redefine excellence together with The Secret Salon Club – where quality, professionalism, and expertise reign supreme. Embrace the new era of home salon sophistication with us!

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In a world where home salons often struggle to gain recognition and credibility, Martin, Founder and Director of The Secret Salon Club, envisioned a platform that would transform the industry. His journey began years ago, fueled by a passion to change the game and empower home salon owners nationwide.
With over 12 years of experience owning a home salon alongside his wife Daisy, Martin deeply understood the challenges and opportunities in the industry. Drawing from their firsthand experience, Martin set out to create a community where home salon businesses thrive, supported by accreditation, recognition, and invaluable resources.
Martin’s vision was clear – to create a community where home salon businesses thrive, supported by accreditation, recognition, and invaluable resources. But turning that vision into reality was no small feat. He dedicated himself to understanding the unique challenges faced by home salon owners, investing countless hours and resources into building a platform that would revolutionize the industry.
The Secret Salon Club started with humble beginnings, but its impact was immediate. By providing a comprehensive accreditation process, tailored business support, and exclusive networking opportunities, Martin and his team empowered home salon owners to reach new heights of success.
Today, The Secret Salon Club stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry, with a growing community of passionate home salon owners who are redefining the standards of professionalism and quality. From innovative marketing strategies to cutting-edge training programs, the club continues to push boundaries and elevate the industry to unprecedented heights.
Martin’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, determination, and relentless dedication. Through The Secret Salon Club, he has not only transformed the lives of home salon owners but also paved the way for a brighter future for the industry as a whole.



Daisy has been a hairdresser for over 20 years and has worked as a stylist, colour technician and manager for a multi award-winning salon group in Surrey. After leaving the group, Daisy decided to set up her own home salon and hasn’t looked back. Daisy has seen and been through the good times and bad times of running a home salon and brings her own expertise to The Secret Salon Club.


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Christina Faye Rudall

Being a part of a community as a home salon owner has proven to be an unexpected yet invaluable experience. Our involvement in the secret salon club is instrumental in reshaping the prevailing perceptions surrounding home-based salons

Ruth Lundstrom

Being part of Secret Salon club has helped set my salon apart from others in my area. Clients are assured that we are trading to the highest standards with regards to hygiene and insurance. I’m proud to say im a member of The Secret Salon Club. Not only does it help assure clients that we are just as professional as any other regular high street salon, but the member benefits are amazing too.

Andrew Robinson

I have worked with Martin on numerous occasions over the last 15 years. He has a vast knowledge of the hair and beauty industry and is trustworthy and approachable. His attitude to business is always professional and objective and I would have no hesitation in utilising his services myself or recommending them to others.

Jodie Perry

I have had the pleasure of knowing Daisy and Martin for over 15 years. Daisy has an extreme passion for Business and hair and is extremely talented. She strives for success in everything she turns her hand to. Martin’s knowledge of the industry Is 2nd to none and combined, they are a power couple I would recommend to anybody.